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Random Chat Script

Version 1.2 Released!
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It looks just like (Well, pretty similar)

Random Chat Script Demo

Roulette Webcam Chat With Strangers

Create your own chat roulette website where users can video chat one on one!


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Loaded With Features

Adobe Peer to Peer Streaming

You DO NOT Need A Media Server!

Our Chatroulette Clone Script uses peer to peer from adobe which eliminates the need for any media server! That will save you a fortune!

Minimum Bandwidth Usage

Minimum Bandwidth Is Used!

Since Random Chat Script uses peer to peer streaming from adobe, that saves you bandwidth as well as you do not use your server's bandwidth for video streaming!

Admins Can Be Spies

Admins Can Be Spies

From the admin panel of our chatroullete clone script admins can view the webcam of any connected user (providing they allowed the webcam and are using it on the chat) [View Demo]

Ban Users IPS

Ban User IPs

Admins can ban user ips in the Admin Panel which will block them from accessing your website.

Random Chat Script Languages

Our Chatroulette Clone Has Multiple Languages!

When using random chat script you can change the language to any of the default languages. You can also easily translate and add additional language to the chatroulette clone script.

Why Use Random Chat Script?

Random Chat Script is the best Chatroulette Clone Script that looks and functions similar to You can use it to create a powerful, profitable and successful chatroulette clone website.

  • Viewable PHP Source Code - The PHP source code is not encrypted. We DO NOT provide any flash source code.
  • You Get Free Bug Fixes For Life!
  • Gender Selection - Allows you to look for males, females, or both of them.
  • Option to automatically start chatting when connected.
  • Webcam Selection - Allows you to look for users that have a webcam only.
  • Fullscreen chat roulette just like
  • Font Size Selector - Allows you to changet he font size of the text chat messages.
  • Users Online Count Shown
  • Chat Sounds - ON/OFF
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